Back to Work

I was wiped out yesterday with a REALLY bad headache.  I get them every once in a while.  They aren't pretty.  I was in bed most of the morning and afternoon, and started feeling better around 8pm.  I have a little bit of a lingering headache now, but it's nothing some Excedrin and Mountain Dew can't help.

I spoke with a candidate for our weekend web producer position.  She seems interested, and that's good news.  All my webbites will be happy to hear that.

I'm working on a new Links page that should go up today or tomorrow.  It'll have little thumbnail versions of the pages I'm pushing off to.  I wish there was a way to screengrab the EXISTING page, so if there's a change, I don't have to manually update a screenshot, but that's kind of a 'down the road' function.

I'm getting mentally ready for Christmas.  I've already started on a few people's gifts, and have a pretty good idea for most people on my list.  Getting organized and having my handy little iPhone for a quick, portable notepad helps.

Keep an eye out for Links Page 2.0!