Already Slipping

This week has not gone well for the old bloggy blog.  I've ignored it for several days and that's not a habit I want to get in.  There are two problems, one is there's some stuff going on right now that I don't necessarily want/need to talk about yet, and the other is that sometimes there's just nothing TO talk about. 

I'm going to work on the colors of the site in the next few days.  I thought I'd like the blue color, but I'm not really digging it anymore.  Also, the logo right now is exceptionally goofy, and I want to change it to something I can be more proud of.

The OTHER thing going on with me, which is extremely silly, is I'm thinking of sidelining my current Xbox Live gamertag, "Web Slinger".  There are a few reasons, but the most compelling is switching my Live Messenger list to a list of only people I want zapping me while playing games.  Right now, if I sign in with Web Slinger, it's tied to my current messenger list, which has some people that I don't necessarily want messages from while I'm on my Xbox, whether it's for games, TV or movies.