Speed's Returned, Back to the Redesign

Okay, now what's weird is posting this stuff knowing that no one will be reading it until after I post all of these things once it's all said and done, but hopefully I'll be getting better into the habit of posting.  My site is now operating at full-speed, and I'm now putting the finishing touches on the sidebar.  I've added a few widgets, including a Twitter and Flickr update.  I now need to learn how to upload photos to Flickr from my iPhone. 

This weekend was fun.  Friday, Angie, Luke, Liv & I went to Los Bravos.  Saturday, Craig, Chris and I went to Louisville, to the Apple Store there, then Sunday, Angie and I took it easy... that is, until my PC stopped recording video signal, and I had to come in to work, instead of recording and posting from home. 

Also, I'm now missing my iPhone headphones.  My guesses are my apartment and Craig's car.

Tomorrow night is Halo 3 night.  I'll be out there around 9 with Chris, and Wes will show up shortly after.  If I can figure it out, I'll be posting photos to my Flickr account, so watch the sidebar.