Checking In...

This has been a strange few months. I haven't posted since JULY! The loyal readers of deserve better...

Tuesday and I are back in my old place. (Tuesday is my cat.) I'm still working at the station as the Web Manager. We're getting back into the swing of things with ActionCorpTV, finally. I'm heading down south to visit Regan soon. Things are good.

Remember that massive site overhaul I talked about in the post below. It may happen. It may not. It's not like anyone comes here anyway! But now that I have some more time to myself, I might just push myself to get it done. This isn't too super-professional, I know. But what blog is?

I've actually thought of doing some sort of independent audio-only podcast on my site, just about the ramblings I have of the day. Maybe record it in the car on the way home or something. But man, even the people I KNOW don't want to hear my random ramblings. Why would strangers or casual site visitors give a crap?!

I'm waiting patiently for Splinter Cell: Double Agent, and impatiently for the demo that they REALLY should put out soon.