Big Changes (in Several Things)

As some people may already know, I'm going through some MAJOR life changes now. I won't go into them now, but will talk more about it as things start to calm down.

What that means for this site is that it might not be messed with for a while. I know, I know. For those of you that come to this site often (I don't know of any), they'll notice I don't necessarily update this thing all the time, anyway.

Well, when I come back, I want to put more time into it. I'm now the number one search term when 'seth cheek' is typed into Google now! My guess is that has a lot to do with Blackbolt putting my site on his Links page at his site.

I feel like I'm kind of sitting on a real opportunity now, so I want to make this site more than an infrequently updated blog. I'd like to add some other info about me, keep a running resume, a photo gallery, etc. BUT, I don't want to do it right now, as my computer is now packed away, and all I get are brief windows online at work.

So, I'll be back, and hopefully better.. =)