This Site is CRAPPY, and Other Musings

I've got to fix this. It's boring as sin right now. I'm planning on a massive redesign here in the coming days. I hope I'll have a new look done this weekend, since I don't have a lot on my plate for those days.

Canyon's birthday is tomorrow. He'll be 13. I got him Karaoke Revolution for his new Xbox he got for Christmas.

Regan's visit has come and gone. We hung out, watched movies, went out to eat, made CDs and shopped. It was a good visit. She also tried on some wedding dresses, but I don't know how that went. But I do now know that David's Bridal is crazy. They made Regan give a BUNCH of ridiculous personal information just to TRY THE DRESSES ON. Crazy.

Craig bought a new Xbox, and will be modding it soon. We've been having fun with the new features of the Media Center for it, and are waiting for the new skin that looks like the Xbox 360's interface.

Oh yeah! And Spider-Man's got a new look.. or at least that's what Sony wants us to think for now. They posted this photo up last week:

I personally don't think it's the Symbiote that would eventually become Venom, because it looks like a black and white photo of the normal costume, with fabric, raised rubber and shiny eyepieces. I think it's just to throw us off the scent of what they're actually working on, whether it be the real symbiote or a different plotline/villian altogether. Man, I'm a dork...