360 Comes Full Circle (get it?) & Christmas

For anyone not 'in the know', my 360 pooped out on me. It would cut to black arbitrarily in different games/apps, but the audio would still be there. I sent it back last Friday for repair, and last night, I came home to a brand new box sitting at my doorstep. WEIRD! So now I'm back to playing. The only problem I'm having now is that my gamercard (the thing in the top right of the site) isn't updating the most recent games for some reason. Whatever.

I can't WAIT for Christmas!! We're going over to Marion, IL to my Aunt Randi's house on Christmas Eve! That will be fun. I haven't been on a family road trip (even a teeny one) in a long time. I'm off Friday so I can get some last minute things done. I'm excited to see Canyon's reactions, and I'll post some pics of that morning as soon as I can.

The next thing on my calendar is to visit Regan in JAX in January. We'll hit Disney World and see the sights of the big J. We've already gotten the tickets and the time off.. now we just have to wait.

Oh, and King Kong was SWEET! I can't wait to see it again. It's no Oscar winner, it's just a GREAT, FUN movie to watch with amazing special effects and cool dinosaurs and stuff.

I'm on the market for a new iPod now, so if you're selling, let me know. And I think I'm going to sell my 15GB Gen 3 iPod. I'm getting too full, with all the podcasts now that I'm getting interested in.

Merry Christmas everyone!