Post-Thanksgiving Catch-up

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday, and it was good to see family that we don't see all that often. An added bonus was the ziploc bag of turkey that came home with me afterwards. It was a nice relaxing weekend, with not much going on except for showing some buddies the Xbox 360 Saturday night. I'm looking for a CD tonight, the soundtrack to Metropolis.


I think it would be a good soundtrack to play most Xbox games, actually, and I'll rip it into the box when I get my hands on it. As I type this, Lindsay's anchoring the 10pm show. I don't know why I'm telling you this, but I am.

The weekend wasn't all smiles. I found out Friday that ABC's Alias has been cancelled. I know it had been losing focus now that Lost is JJ's priority, but it's still sad to see it go. I think the plotline that clearly 'jumped the shark' was when they came across a girl in EXACTLY the same situation Sydney was in as the series began, but this chick basically 'got over it' in about 2 episodes.. something it took Sydney the entire first few seasons to come to terms with.

The 360 is still wowing me. I bought King Kong Saturday afternoon, and it's unique lack of any 'HUD' really helps suck you into the story and make you a part of it, instead of being constantly reminded that you're playing a game. The only other game I've ever known to do it is The Getaway.

That's about it. Thanks for checking in. More boring is coming, don't worry.