It's My Birfday

I woke up this morning and opened my present from my sister, (who, btw, has an eBay store - come on now, buy some stuff). It's a sweet valour tracksuit. The pants may be a little big, but the jacket is just right. Can you have valour altered? I doubt it. Tonight I'll be dining at the Nagasaki Inn with my parents. It will be delicious, I'm sure of it. It's most likely my favorite place in town.

My favorite part of that review was "This place focuses on Japanese meals."

Lindsay got me True Crime: New York City for my birf. It has a street for street recreation of NYC, although the random, normally unidentifiable buildings are not accurate (ie Lindsay's sister's apartment building). But landmarks, subway stations, skyscrapers, etc., are perfect.

3 days until the Xbox 360 is out. It will most likely be nuts at retailers Monday night and Tuesday morning. But mine's preordered and paid for. I (better) just show up and walk out with mine.

Are you still reading this?

I asked my parents for the CDs to the new movie version of Rent, and I'm looking forward to hearing how similar/different the two versions will be with only one lead actor different (Rosario Dawson instead of Daphne Ruben Vega [sp?]). The movie is released the day before Thanksgiving, so I'll have some impressions up later this week!

Last thing: Wanna see the Superman teaser? Here's a CRAPPY and a NICE one just for you!