Long Time, No Type

It's been a while since I've been messing with my site.. and it's showing. I've got some generic templates on here right now, so I need to get working on my skin. It's kind of ghetto. I've been working on tweaking our site at the station, to get the most out of our ridiculous content provider. It'd make more sense at this point to just switch it to Blogger or something along these lines. Freedom is a good thing online.

Few things. I'm watching several good shows this year, including what could be my new favorite, How I Met Your Mother. Also good this year is Bones & The Apprentice. But you can't beat J.J.'s two masterpieces, Lost & Alias.

I'm a little worried that Alias might be taking a bizarre turn, but maybe we're just getting into a WILD new plot, and they have to make some serious changes. I just don't understand blowing away one of the two main characters 37 minutes into the new season. Oh well. I'll be back on soon... Everyone who believes that, stand on their ears.