Back on the blog. I've been unable to access my host for a while, because I didn't ever ask anyone how to get on any other way, but now I'm back. Tomorrow's a big day for me. It's my first foray into the world of HDTV. I've bought the Sony 30" Widescreen HDTV.

And since my other half has said she didn't necessarily care where it went, and armed with the knowledge that I'd want to play Xbox on it a lot, it's going into my "office". My main concern now is that my entertainment hutch may not hold it up. It apparently weighs 150lbs! No tuner, that's the main bummer, but I figure if I ever get cable with HD service, the box will have its own tuner anyway. I'm still trying to push for a new ActionCorp TV episode, but the response from the other guys has been less than stellar. I suppose I could turn some stuff on my own. I just like having stuff out there. It's fun to create and share our thoughts and reviews with others. Oh, well. Hopefully I'll get off my ass more often and post to this, but it seems to come in spurts. Here's hoping I write tomorrow. Whether anyone else feels the same, I do not know..