So I just watched 24's Season 4 premiere. It was incredible! I didn't realize what I've been missing. It was a great combo of Alias, Tom Clancy stuff and gritty cop dramas. Neat premise, too. Now, I've borrowed my Dad's Season One DVD's, so I can catch up to what's going on. I hope the season continues at the same pace as the premiere. Can't wait until tomorrow night's second round of episodes. Also, I picked up two of these today:

Sony PSOne Screen

They were only $35 at Toys R Us today. Don't know exactly what I'm going to do with them yet, but I've got a few ideas, including a possible portable media center. Can't wait to go back to my regular job, now that Pumo's back to produce his shows. But I really can't wait until we get streaming video on the site. Good night.